Sunday, December 23, 2012

CD Covers

Well, rolling into Winter Break, I actually had a bit of a job from middle of the semester on until this point (and I'm now able to actually focus on it). My dad is part of a big band and they are recording their first CD, so they asked me to design a CD cover. It started off with just wanting black, white, and blue, a rough drawn look, and stick figures.

These were the two original roughs, but we weren't very specific on details.

Then I finally found out the title of the album, and began to try to incorperate all of the above.

I have had good feedback for the last cover, so that will be the one I clean up and try to refine for the CD cover (which is due in a few weeks). They like keeping to the stick figure imagery, but definitely tidy up the instruments, the words, and maybe make the lines a bit cleaner on the people.

This is rather exciting, really. I'm not big on doing design work, but worth a try.

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