Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Projects Are a GO.

First things first, I'm working on my final for Animation 1, which is a 20 second clip of a short that tries to encompass most, if not all the things you've learned from class. (Squash/stretch, anticipation, walk/run cycles, metamorphasis though I am lacking that in this animation).

By Monday I should have all the backgrounds one and the rough skeletons ready and in a smoother motion.

I'm also working on my final project for Anatomy, but that requires paper and an art piece, and I'm still trying to garner research for the paper, so there will probably not be any progress shots there until I actually finish the paper and get to the art of it.

But the other thing I should be keeping up with here on the blog is my final project for Design 4 Media. The end result will be a (relatively) refined animatic telling the story of The Aimless, a little white silhouette in a world of nothing, only able to become something else if it successfully makes it through a rip in the darkness.

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  1. This remind me of an inverted LIMBO, except the main guy is taller. XD So this is going to have a deeper meaning that face value, about how someone longs to be where they belong and the journey of making themselves known is a long and difficult one? Well, that's my own perception of it thus far. Anyway, sounds like you have a good thing here. Very structure-sound. Can't wait for that storyboard. Have a good break. :D