Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brainstorming: Student Project

There's a few ideas running through my mind for projects. I don't have sketches and stuff yet, but I figure whether or not people come around and read and see, might as well post them up somewhere…

  • Continue the Dinosaur project from the first part of the semester, this would probably be a favored idea for the teacher.
  • Try to bring my Group Project idea to fruition (since I still feel some semblance of hope to being able to carry that out somehow), at least getting it to a really nice animatic.
  • An aimless little white figure on black, trying to find a purpose but winding up getting closed back out into the darkness each time an opportunity seems to open up (an animation, another one that can at least be refined animatic). Not a happy piece, a little more personal, really.
  • A little guide to the zodiac with my characterizations to help guide people through the signs and explain them.
I'll post some pictures next time to explain these a bit better, considering this is only the brainstorming.

And considering if I can settle on an idea, I have to go at this like we did the group project explanation.


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