Monday, September 3, 2012

The first of Dino Doodles

So, it's been more or less settled for my Design 4 Media class that I'll be gearing more towards menagerie than anything, what with the gumption to do dinosaurs in a rather odd style (a la influenced by Vasquez).

Colors are still coming soon, and honestly these are only the beginnings of the designs. I'm hoping to refine them as I go along.

But I started with my favorite dinosaur of them all, the Utahraptor.

But of course, he needed a bigger cast to go with him, even if they aren't from his exact time period in the prehistoric era.

It's also been settled that the final project for this will end up be making 3D sculptures of these little dinosaurs. First things first is a touch up on the designs, colors, and debating on whether or not these are the species I'm going with or if I want to add a few or replace some… and then we may begin.

To be quite honest, I am terrible with working 3D, but with something as ridiculous as these critters, it's worth the practice. :)

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