Monday, September 10, 2012

Raptor Colors - DONE

So using the color scheme designer, I toyed around with the accented analogic for this character, here's the color palette I was working from.

Utilizing that, I turned the raptor from a completely blank slate into a little something like this.

However, discussion arose from our inspirations playing into our color schemes. Ricardo Delgado has an incredibly wide palette, and it is almost always bright and vivid (or at least the dinosaurs are and the backgrounds are a bit more muted down).
Jhonen Vasquez works with a more muted and foreboding color scheme when he works with color at all. Usually his works contain more reds and purples if they are colored, making it seem that more visceral.
So I tried that idea with the colors as well.

Next up, Pterodactyl and Anklyosaurus and maybe some rough backgrounds. They, too, will be experimented in both a more normal coloring or a not-so normal coloring.

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