Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspiration for the Project at Hand...

Well, all things considering we are kicking off with the first project of the school year within this class. Woo hoo, that means updating the blog!

Let's start it off with some inspiration for what direction I hope to go with the project, which was picking one of two art styles by one Hiroshi Hayakawa (unfortunately cannot do both styles in one, but rules are rules, and you may have only one). The styles in question?

Figures as Landscape or Menagerie.

So I'm still juggling the style choices, but I will say that I'm easily picking up inspiration enough. One certain inspiration, no matter the style choice, is going to be Ricardo Delgado. He has worked on movies such is "The Incredibles", "Men in Black", "Apollo 13", and "Atlantis: The Lost Empire." However, the work I'll be pulling more inspiration from is his comic series: Age of the Reptiles.

And, stylisticly speaking, influenced by Jhonen Vasquez:

More inspirations and starting sketches may be posted soon. Heck, these may change over time as well, but this is where I'm starting, hopefully.

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