Monday, September 24, 2012

Colored Expressions and First Background

So I tried coloring the expressions with the color palettes of choice.

This cast is going to have some interesting coloring jobs.

Then I tried my hand at my first background. To be quite honest, it IS my first background I've ever done for anything.

I still may adjust the hues on this one and the saturation of the forest in general, considering this is going to be the romping grounds of the Anklyosaurus.

I want to try my hand at making backgrounds for the pterodactyl and the utahraptor next, but still kind of working with the color schemes and layout of those places first.

But hey, a little progress is better than no progress?

Altered the colors a bit on the background to better go with the characters. Maybe.

1 comment:

  1. Great job on this, Izzy. Or Isabelle. Whatever you're called. I like the color choices you made for this. And the background looks like it's on its way to greatness. Good work, but also, I'm sorry to hear about what happened this weekend, and I hope things turn out okay. And good luck with the next project.